Why is there a federal admission programme for Afghanistan?

17.10.2022 - Question

Like other international partners, Germany has continued to try and help people in Afghanistan even after the de facto Taliban regime seized power in mid-August 2021.

As part of these efforts, to date more than 37,000 Afghans who are especially at risk and their family members have been approved by the German Government for admission to Germany. In particular, these include former Afghan local employees and their family members. But they also include Afghans whom the German Government has identified as being at particular risk due to their commitment to a democratic Afghanistan. By the beginning of October 2022, almost 26,000 persons had been able to come to Germany with the support of the German Government.

Following on from these ongoing admissions, the German Government is introducing a federal admission programme for Afghanistan based on section 23 (2) of the Residence Act. This is intended to ensure that, as agreed in the coalition agreement, Afghans who are at particular risk will continue to be admitted to Germany. To this end, a structure was created to identify and select eligible persons. The number of envisaged admissions is limited. This limit ensures that Germany’s capacity to host and integrate new arrivals is given due consideration.

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