Federal admission programme for Afghanistan

German Government admission programme for people from Afghanistan

A boy on a bike in the streets of Kandahar. In the background there are images on a wall proclaiming peace and freedom of opinion.

Since the Taliban seized power, many people in Afghanistan have been threatened and persecuted due to, among other things, their efforts to promote democracy and human rights, their cooperation with Western states or international organisations, or based on their gender or sexual orientation.

The German Government therefore informed around 45,000 Afghans especially at risk and their eligible family members that they would be admitted to Germany. In particular, these individuals include over 25,100 former Afghan local employees and their family members as well as more than 19,900 Afghans who have been identified by the German Government with the help of civil society as being especially vulnerable and who are at great personal risk due to their commitment to a democratic Afghanistan. Over 33,200 people have entered the country so far. Of this number, more than 20,300 are local employees including family members. Over 12,900 are other particularly vulnerable Afghans including family members (as of April 2024).

The German Government has, in cooperation with civil-society organisations, established a federal admission programme in order to make it possible for especially vulnerable Afghans and their families to continue to be admitted to Germany.

The programme was launched on 17 October 2022 and is currently being implemented. This website provides information from the Federal Ministry of the Interior and Community and the Federal Foreign Office on the programme.

In response to repeated inquiries, we would like to remind you that individual applications for the federal admission programme are not possible. Names of individuals to be considered for selection may only be put forward via the relevant authorised agencies.

Please note that none of the authorised agencies demand money for processing cases or queries. Please therefore be wary of anyone making such an offer.

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